Styles and Methods

PALA 2018: 25-28 July 2018
PALA Summer School 2018:  23-24 July 2018


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Provisional conference programme announced!

PALA 2018 Final Programme_25th July

Book of Abstracts as of 14 July 2018

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Conference Theme: Styles and Methods

While retaining a core interest in the language of literature, PALA has always been receptive to language-attentive research and teaching of many different modes and mediums of communication, extending far beyond literature (but often, in time, ingeniously incorporated into new literary forms).  Different individuals, groups, and institutions may have their own distinct style, and broadly linguistic analysis of any of these can richly inform theorising about value, identity, and social meaning.  Whether the object of study is a poem or a pop song, tweets or youtube clips, the multimodal or the monomodal, a huge range of methods may be brought to bear on the task.  Some of these are rigorously quantitative, others are compelling in their qualitative persuasiveness, some involve expensive kit, others claim to put nothing between the text and the reader.  What are the advantages and problems that each method faces, and can distinct methods be synthesised?

The Birmingham 2018 conference welcomes explorations of the advantages and problems of different methods, used alone or in synthesis, in the study of style.

 We are delighted to announce that our Keynote Speakers will be:

  • Daniel Allington (University of Leicester)
  • Jannis Androutsopoulos (University of Hamburg)
  • Alice Bell (Sheffield Hallam University
  • Joe Bray (University of Sheffield)
  • Jeannette Littlemore (University of Birmingham)
  • Rocio Montoro (University of Granada)

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